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Hat Tip to Blogger Shecodes, who reports on the recent release of the Report on the Status of Black Women and Girls(r) . According to their website, this definitive work on the status of black women and girls in America developed by black think tank, the Law and Policy Group, responds to a long awaited need to present the Black female as a whole person with achievements and challenges enabling agencies, individuals, and the media to better understand the progress and pressures of Black women and girls. It provides data on the complex world of Black women and girls from infant to elder in areas of health, education, religious beliefs, employment/income, family status, political participation, and criminal justice”.

Shecodes recommends the book, saying: Apparently, many scholars are so brainwashed into thinking that all things black are pathological, that they simply can not accept the truth of positive statistics concerning black women. The authers described how they were routinely challenged when they presented statistics that didn’t jibe with many scholars beliefs about black women.

Example: The researchers were challenged over and over again about the statistic that asserts that 82.6% of graduation-aged black girls finished high school in 2007.

Academics simply could not believe that black girls finished high school at those rates, and seriously challenged that number. The researcher said that she had to repeatedly return to the Dept of Education to garner more and more evidence to support that statistic.

The report is available for just $14.95.
Get your copy and be informed.


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