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This is the portrait of total victory, a living breathing expression of athletic supremacy. Michael Phelps has been phenomenal thus far in the Olympics, making us proud at every turn. As a former athlete, I enjoy watching the Olympics and the many sports, in part because when athletes win the gold, I can relate to the thrill of victory. I understand the sacrifice, the hours of practice, the pain, the commitment required to become an Olympian, let alone win a medal.
So I am completely impressed with the dominance of Michael Phelps, the unparalleled prowess that is on display each and every time he slips his 6 foot four inch frame beneath the waves.

I am equally impressed if not more so by his demeanor and carriage. It is clear he commands the respect of his teammates and fellow swimmers. He is a team player, cheering on his teammates in the 4×100 relay with tremendous fervor, celebrating triumph with them when they won. His comments to reporters after winning are modest, confidently humble. He’s clear that talking smack is unnecessary. He does all his talking in the water. When they won the relay and he roared in triumph, I roared with him. Phelps is an obviously determined individual with a laser focus on what he has come to the Olympics to do. He is supplying thrills and inspiration to Americans back home on his road to a history making 8 gold medal performance. Even more inspirational is watching him do it with class, humility and true Olympic spirit.


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