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Crossposted from my better half’, the lovely and luscious Alaine

I have educated quite a few people regarding the reality of domestic sexy – when having your lawn cut is more appealing than flowers. The women in my circle understand the concept, most are married and happily in love with a partner for life who is anything but handy. A clean car and garage easily rival flowers. Not that I mind the flowers, I just think that there are a variety of more intriguing actions that make a significant impact on my life. Laundry. Mopping. Clean Dishes. Fresh Linen. and um….changing light bulbs.

It had been a bit dim upstairs for a few weeks in our household. I was struggling with noticing the lightbulbs given the other domestic challenges I had been facing. There’s something really challenging about getting enough contract work that you are never at home to do your real work. My real work is centered out of our home, you know the aspiration to be the Proverbs 31 woman. I have dreams of blessing my household in the wee hours, yielding high regard for my husband, growing children who value my opinion more than the pop stars. I was feeling pretty smug about the domestic sexy concept, until my husband turned the lights out on my pride. He said in so many words – if you really liked domestic sexy you’d make sure I knew it.
I thought to myself, I just told you how much I value domestic sexy. He in return offered an astute directive – “I’m a hands on learner. I’d like to equate some action with your view of domestic sexy.” Oh, okay. He’s talking losing the domestic and the y and he’s cool. Instant reward.
I was in Staples yesterday and selected printer paper with an instant rebate, vs. a cheaper brand that required a mail in rebate. I like instant rewards. I was reminded in that brief moment that my husband likes instant rewards too. I thought my positive affirmations and a phrase coined after his attention to my domestic priorities was a great reward. He, however, is in many ways a very simple creature. I guess wife rain checks aren’t the prize I thought they were. Maybe a bit more instant reward will yield some core association like Pavlov’s rat. Every time you take care of A, I’ll take care of T&A. It sounds so crude and so unlady like and so contractual, it sounds so stiff, so….like I might get my patio and yard done if I did it. My personal Ah Ha Moment in Domestic Sexy indeed.

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