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Top Three Movie Moments that made me say…”Oh, he is so in there…..”.

Outbreak – Army scientist Sam Daniels (Dustin Hoffman)is racing against time to save the people of Cedar Creek, California from death due to infection by a killer virus. His fellow scientist and ex-wife who he is still in love with, Dr. Keough (Rene Russo), becomes infected and to convince her to hold on while he finds a cure, he removes his enviro suit in her presence, infecting himself with the same deadly virus and committing himself to find a cure or die with her. Oh, he’s so in there.

Speed – LA cop Jack Traven (Keana Reeves) hangs on for dear life to a runaway commuter train thats been blown off the rails by a madman with damsel in distress Sandra Bullock handcuffed to a handrail and unable to escape. The intrepid Reeves disdains the opportunity to save himself from what appears to be certain doom and remains with Bullock as the train careens through the subway and explodes from underground to land in the street above. Looking around in stunned amazement that they are even alive, Bullock looks up at Reeves and realizes he’s still with her, looking into his eyes and breathlessly exclaiming “you stayed with me…you stayed with me”. Oh, he is so in there.

And the #1 movie moment in this category

Deja Vu – ATF Agent Doug Carlin (Denzel Washington), has traveled back in time to save heroine Claire Kercheval (Paula Patton), and they fall in love. In the final moments of the film, he dies freeing her from a car that has plunged into the icy waters of the Hudson River and then explodes. Claire swims to the surface and is rescued. Sitting on the dock, she’s devastated until Doug (still alive in her present and who has not yet met her) walks up, to the utter amazement of a stunned Claire who only moments ago watched the man she loves who saved her life, die. Oh, he is so in there.

Those are my top three. This was actually a difficult exercise, so I challenge you to top my picks in the comments if you can. Contest will be open until August 31st. Winner gets a $5 Starbucks card.

General guidelines:

  • Hero must get the girl (no he dies so she can live or he saves her for somebody else entries)
  • Dramatic damsel in distress rescue scenarios will generally, though not always, rank higher than more emotional, relationship moment type entries.
  • Back up your entry with a video clip if available (use TubeChop to trim Youtube video down to the segment you want). I will generally judge entries with a clip more favorably than one without.
  • Winners and 1st and 2nd runner ups chosen at my sole discretion.

Think you can top my picks? Go for it.


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