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….with the exception of the bit about a nuclear detonation in an American city, that the following is a correct line of reasoning from the commenter R. L. Hails Sr. P. E. at Real Clear Politics:

My prejudicial judgments. Obama, a very bright articulate, persuasive orator, for the first time in his life, holds both the burden of real decision making and confronts opponents who have no qualms about killing their enemies. Obama’s opposition were George Bush, Gitmo, the Iraq war, and global warming. Obama made much, during the campaign, of an intelligence report that flatly contradicted Bush’s position that Iran was pursuing the bomb. It crippled Bush’s foreign policies in the middle east. We now know that report was either incorrect, or a lie. Iran had repeatedly cheated and lied about a basic cause of war. Obama knew the truth when He spoke in Cairo, and apologized for our policies. Looking at the cards, the world will suffer a nuclear explosion in a city, within the Obama Administration. Prime targets would be Tel Aviv, New York, or Washington D.C. There is nothing in Obama’s background to indicate that he is capable of facing this horror. Very few humans could. World leaders have come to a judgment that the US is led by an ineffective Commander-in-Chief, one who mouths empty words. I pray that Sarkozy, and I, are wrong.

I pray he’s wrong too.

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