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I’ve been using mobile devices and phones for the better part of a decade now. With each leap in the technology and power of the devices has also come an increase in the number and variety of accessories you could get for them. Nowadays, I’m rocking a Palm Pre, while the hot little number sports an Iphone.

Consequently, I find myself looking at a lot more mobile sites now, particularly ones that have really big accessory selections. The one I’ve come across most recently is While it does have the drawback of being an overseas site with money denominated in pounds sterling, it has a great selection. I found myself just browsing around and finding accessories I had never seen before. The Iphone accessories selection is pretty large, a fact the wifey cottoned to immediately. I had barely begun to check the site out and she bogarded me away from the screen to check out an Iphone case on offer, of which there were many. They even had an Iphone car charger I had not seen before, and I thought I had seen all things Iphone frankly.

The site has a directory of mobile goodies organized by manufacturer, which I found pretty handy and a nice timesaver when you have a clear idea of what you want. But they slice and dice the choices by accessory type and brand as well. After my computer was released by the wife, I checked out the Palm accessories page and they had a good selection of stuff; holsters, screen protectors and a neat little USB bluetooth dongle for data exchange with your phone that I had never seen before. They offer warranties, money back guaranties, nice confidence builders all.

I did a few conversions of the prices from pounds to dollars and was pleasantly surprised to find that in some cases, the exchange rate didn’t necessarily mean I would get hammered on the price. has same day shipping if your order is in by 6 pm. Living across the pond from the UK as I do, this doesn’t help me a lot, but I imagine the Brits and those living on the continent like it just fine.

A generally cool site with some nice gear for the mobilephile in your life. Get your phone on.


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