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Suicide Blast Kills At Least 88 at Pakistan Volleyball Game | Asia | English

The horrific bombing in Pakistan once again has me shaking my head in a species of disbelief. This is an element of Islamic terrorism that I don’t understand. For all the railing against the US and Western “infidel” culture in general, Islamic terrorists kill far more Muslims far more regularly than they do Westerners.

I have a hard time understanding how Muslim publics around the world tolerate these rabid, murderous dogs. Just from a purely pragmatic, practical point of view, what bloody good is it to have terrorists who target you far more than they target the “infidels” they claim to be out to destroy?

I guess I do understand some of it. Though its easy to think otherwise, with the exception of groups like Hamas and Hezbollah, most of these terror movements are not really about taking down the West (the Far Enemy) as they are about taking down their local governments (the Near Enemy).  Its a measure of how repressive and dictatorial many middle eastern governments and societies are that their publics are apparently willing to stand for, tolerate, even sympathize with fundamentalist movements, though from where I sit, the cure seems worse than the disease.

But my God, if you’re willing to tolerate these movements, isn’t anyone interested in some form of quality control? Are there no rules?  Is nothing off limits? Islamic radicals kill other fellow Muslims in mosques, on city streets and anywhere else.  They kill children, including Muslim children; for crying out loud, that’s not enough for societies to call timeout on?  If you are gonna be in the terror business, using violence and murder for political ends, ought the rules be you gotta kill more of them than your own?  I mean, you know somebody should be tallying up the numbers and at year end, if your us vs. them ratio is off, you should get your terrorist card pulled, or a citation or something.

But the lopsided kill stats, the Muslim on Muslim murder ongoing throughout the world really sends a message about this conflict. Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t really a war with the West. The Muslim world is at war with itself.


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