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You simply can’t make this stuff up.  Gilbert Arenas, a grown man, with a six-year, $111million contract, plus an additional $50 million deal with Adidas, thought it was a good idea, a harmless practical joke, to bring not one, not two, but three guns into the Washington Wizards locker room and display them to teammate Jarvaris Crittendon, in some doofus attempt to emphasize his seriousness about a gambling debt. He does this within the District of Columbia’s jurisdiction, home of some of the toughest gun laws in the nation governing concealed weapons.  He came from his home in Maryland, so he also crossed state lines with the weapons and we don’t even know yet if he had a license for any of them.

You’d think that if moron boy was going to be brandishing weapons in anyone’s face, it would be that of his fellow teammate Shaq, who’s been dunking his fiance since forever apparently. Now, I file this hot mess in the same moron file with other cases of terminal stupid fever: Chris Brown beating down Rihanna, Michael Vicks dealing in dog fighting and the Plaxico Burress self inflicted bullet wound.  None of these cats gets any sympathy from me whatsoever.  You’re on top of the world, millions of dollars at your disposal, but you can’t get your mentality out of the ghetto long enough to remove your head from your backside and engage the common sense mode on your logic module?

Now here’s the deal.  In the world that you and I live in, if we brought three concealed weapons to our workplace and then brandished or otherwise displayed them to a co-worker, we would be summarily fired and charged with a crime. That’s what should happen here.

UPDATE: Black radio is reporting that after having some sense talked to him by his lawyer, Arenas has admitted that Crittendon had a weapon of his own that he pulled out in the locker room in response to Arenas idiotic idea of a joke.  He omitted that detail in an effort to shield Crittendon from getting in trouble, figuring he would likely weather the storm and be back playing ball, while Jarvaris is a much more minor player easily disposed of and replaced by a team.  So their both idiots.  Like I said above, in the real world, these guys would not have jobs.  I find the whole thing to be even more idiotic given the fact that Arenas is a multi-millionaire.  Living the rarefied air of the NBA clearly kills brain cells.


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