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The Tea Party contingent is populist and vocal, but their numbers are not sufficient to elect Palin. She polls badly with independents and many republicans don’t have confidence in her either. She has yet to do anything that indicates to me she has a level of political savvy on the same level as displayed by Obama in the crafting of his successful run.  Taking on this talking head gig only solidifies her as a non serious candidate in my mind. I would not consider any of the paid blowhards of the left or right as potential leaders of the free world. Just not what I think of as Presidential resume builder. She left office to make the money and cash in. I’m okay with that, since her cynical selection by McCain brought her a lot of grief, which although she willingly signed up for, was not entirely deserved. I don’t begrudge her salvaging a career and some wealth from that mess, which is why I encourage you to follow the link below and pick up her best seller at Amazon.


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