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Hat tip Shortform blog:

On race relations:

  • 58% of Americans thought Obama would change race relations before his inauguration
  • 41% of Americans say he’s actually improved race relations in his first full year in office source
  • Where was the freefall? Strangely enough, it was largest among other blacks. While white voters dipped to about 40 percent from 55 percent, blacks were at 75 percent a year ago, free-falling to 51 percent – a 24-point decline.

Little newsflash to my disappointed brothers and sisters; it’s not Obama’s job to solve all your problems in life.  Its not his job to solve “racism” to the extent such a thing is solvable. Anybody that thought his election would magically heal the divisions between black, red, white, brown and yellow was criminally deluded. Perhaps this disappointment that some feel is a good thing that will spur some people out there to solve their own problems, now that they realize Obama won’t. 


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