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Its a definitive statement about the scandal and his responsibility for it.  My only nitpick with it is the passing reference to in-patient therapy (the guy isn’t sick), but its a nitpick, he was very clear about it being his fault.  His speech makes very clear that a lot of people took it on the chin because of his affairs. I thought it was much better than the bare minimum apology you see from others in these situations.  I thought this was pretty comprehensive and definitive. I don’t know if any of Elin’s family members were on hand for this, but his mom was there and you could tell it was hard for her to hear and hard for her to watch him have to do it in a way that probably only mom’s understand, but she embraced him afterward.  Just goes to show you always have your momma.

Some strong words about maintaining his privacy and demanding that the focus be on him. Very smart for personal and business reasons. I thought this was pretty good from a business perspective. Some pros worked on that and its the clearest indication to me that Tiger will be returning to golf.  Chris Brown needs to call Tiger and ask him if he can get a consult.  


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